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is lindsey graham, one of the amigos you might say, not an amigo of hagel, also grilling the witness. listen to how he went after his past reference to, quote, the jewish lobby. let's watch. >> name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the united states senate. >> well, first -- >> name one. >> i don't know. >> well, why would you say it? >> i didn't have in mind a specific person. >> name one dumb thing we've been goaded into doing because of the pressure from the israeli or jewish lobby. >> i have already stated that i regret the terminology. >> what is he trying to do there, peter? i mean, he's trying to bait him it seems to me. i'll answer my own question, into saying something against a fellow senator. first of all, if he were to name a fellow senator that would be the headline tomorrow morning and tonight on the news, it would be mccarthyism. this guy got prodded into voting a way he didn't want to vote because he's worried about some influential people somewhere. what kind -- it was like did you stop beating your wife? it's that kind of question. there
of israel. >> lindsey graham is saying that chuck hagel is out of the mainstream. okay. >> this is being said, by the way, of a war hero. >> right. >> this is important. a war hero who still carries slab ne shrapnel around with him. and we know him for many different things, but this is a guy that runs the atlantic council, which is about as mainstream an organization as you will get in foreign policy. >> mm-hmm. >> and we've worked with him a great deal through the atlantic council. he is a realist. he is not from the lindsey graham school of foreign policy but rather from the brent scowcroft school of foreign policy. the dr. brzezinski school of foreign policy, the colin powell school of foreign policy, the george h.w. bush school of foreign policy, the james baker iii school of foreign policy. so if anybody out there wants to say that chuck hagel is outside the mainstream of foreign policy, i suggest they turn the mirror around on them because i suggest anybody saying that of the guy that's running the atlantic council and is from the realist school of colin powell, james baker iii, g
to what republican senator lindsey graham had to say about his former lunch partner. >> chuck hagel, if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. he has long severed his ties with the republican party. this is an in-your-face nomination by the president to all of white house are supportive of israel. i don't know what his management experience is regarding the pentagon, little if any. so i think it's an incredibly controversial choice. and it looks like the second term of barack obama is going to be an in-your-face term. >> well, senator hagel is a straight talker from the midwest. he'll give you an unvarnished opinion, and very outspoken. but he has stated his unequivocal total support for israel, saying critics have completely distorted his record. graham predicted other republicans would have a hard time with hagel's nomination. and it just makes you wonder what is really behind all this. senator graham complained that hagel had cut ties with the republican party. but obviously pres
by lindsey graham over the weekend. and on "morning joe" today joe and mika has a very interesting response to lindsey graham being the one to lob the barb of being out of the mainstream. take a listen. >> lindsey graham is saying that chuck hagel is out of the mainstream. okay. >> anybody out there wants to say that chuck hagel is outside the mainstream of foreign policy, i suggest they turn the mirror around on them. because i suggest anybody saying that of the guy that's running the atlantic council and is from the realist school of colin powell, james baker iii, george h.w. bush, brent skokroff. >> if hagel were a true blue republican having campaigned for mitt romney and other gop candidates last fall you wouldn't have seen senators like lindsey graham speak so critically of him. if and around washington what is the modern day perception of chuck hagel? is he out of the mainstream? >> i think it's a little bit that he's off -- he is -- he's within the mainstream but at an edge. he has -- he's going to face a lot of explanation for what he meant when he talked about the jewish lobby. i
and itented up working and benefited barack obama to a huge degree. people like lindsey graham recent the way he conduct himself. they think he is wrong on foreign policy and wrong to want to cut the defense department. >> shannon: there is oust and deferens to the president's -- there is often a deferens to the president's picks. >> we will call it 92.5% likely that he gets through. there will be loud noises made and tables pounded and senator hagel will apologize for the things that he said that upset democrats. i have a hard time seeing the republicans breaking their pick on this issue. jack lew maybe. >> shannon: let's talk about that. i talked with senator jeff he sessions and he did not qualify his language at all, calling jack lew a liar saying he testified about the president's policies and plans for the economy and said there is not going to be any more deficit. sessions said to me he lied to congress, there is no way he should be the treasury secretary. >> there are people who say things all the time in washington who make lots of noise about stuff. jeff is sessions is not one of th
brennan, which seemed like he was going to be fine in getting through but lindsey graham from south carolina is call forgive a delay for john brennan. >> he served under george bush jr. >> jennifer: he's saying that we want to learn more about bengahzi. lendcy graham has raised his head to object to any and all these cabinets. >> they would call john mccain maverick because he would do whatever he thought. lindsey graham is trying to be maverick jr. >> jennifer: he has good ratings in south carolina. >> he has good ratings right now, but we don't know which tea party candidate is going to run against him. jim dement from south carolina who just left, he was a true tea party right wing nut. a lot of south carolinaens especially republicans, don't think lindsey graham is a right wing nut too. >> jennifer: he has been prior to these past couple of years he has been a voice a reasonable, rational voice. >> sometimes he has sometimes he hasn't. >> jennifer: when he looks at climate change. >> yes. >> jennifer: he seemed to be reasonable. but all of a sudden he has taken this far tact to
. >> you know, i just didn't notice anything. you are always garbled to me. >> the fact is lindsey graham you can't be old white guy party same thing. marco rubio. >> you are gearing off the track here. you don't believe that general powell is in touch with the white house and they are kind of suggesting that he might bring these things up on msnbc, a very liberal network. you haven't seen general powell on fox news, have you? >> no. he has not appeared on this network. >> i'm not a conspiracy guy but this is what bothers me. i'm being quite honest. i general powell's patriotism to his country. he goes on the network in the softball liberals where he he is not going to be challenged. he bashes the republican party. he says it's not inclusive and it alienates minorities and it doesn't care about the folks and it wants to disenfranchise voters by just showing identification. all right i would like to debate general powell about that and jesse watters confronted him in a moment. i'm not going to give away what happens. i would like to talk. i'm sure you would on the radio and on your radio p
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-conservatives, the bush ii folks, mccain, lieberman, lindsey graham, and the others and what hagel stands for, john, is non- interventionist foreign policy. we don't go to war unless vital interests are at stake. we put our own country first. i think this is going to be the battle royal in the coming months. >> eleanor. >> nobody is a shoe-in with the republican party that fails to defeat president obama for reelection but still seems determined to make him a failed president but jacob lew is as close to a shoe-in as there can be. the only complaint you hear is that he hasn't spent enough time on wall street, and for a lot of democrats that's actually a positive attribute. so he will be confirmed. and i believe senator hagel will also be confirmed, although that's a bigger fight, and his remarks about israel that somehow he isn't tough enough on israel, his objection to sanctions was that they were unilateral. he now supports the current sanctions. he is certainly not antiisrael. those arguments will be put aside. he is there to cut the budget, and he's the man for the moment. he has the appe
. >> john: always great to hear lindsey graham talk about taking it in the face. and the neo-con echo chamber is adding to the clamor, as in this ad. >> president obama secretary of state chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> john: and really when was bill kristol really wrong about anything. and another stumble on the way to the pentagon was his lgbt rights. he rejected james hormel to be ambassador to luxembourg with frankly offensive comments. hagel told a local newspaper i'm quoting ambassadorial posts are sensitive. they're representing america. they're representing our lifestyles values and standards, and i think it's an inhibiting factor to be openly, aggressively gay like mr. hormel to do a better job. this was the late 90s and toxic homophobia was very common common, hagel has apologized for those remarks and said as secretary of defense he will support open service and lgbt military families. now the log cabin republicans the lgbt gay advocacy group did not seem too impressed. they put out an ad chuck hagel hagel's apology, too little, too late. james hormel, the man
, some of that does tend to melt away. you're right. lindsey graham was on cnn's "state of the union" yesterday calling this an in your face nomination and basically saying this is going to be a very controversial pick for president obama. we should note the white house just put out some official guidance at 1:05 this afternoon the president will come out and make a personnel announcement. we expect that to be the announcement of chuck hagel for defense secretary and john brennan for director of the cia. but getting back to chuck hagel, you mentioned some of his credentials just a few moments ago. he is not only a republican senator who served in these halls with many of these same senators who might be opposing him or asking him tough questions, he also served in veet na vietnam. carol, he took controversial positions over the years and made some controversial statements. he opposed the iraq surge, the surge of troops into iraq to help stabilize that country during the second term of george w. bush. he has from time to time opposed unilateral sampnctions on iran. that also raised th
interest, i take an oath of office to the constitution. >> lindsey graham said his former colleague would, quote, be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward israel in the nation's history. mr. hagel hotly disputes that, he has many defenders including those in the jewish community. hagel has apologized for the tone of his opposition in 1998 to an openly gay ambassadorial candidate. he called him openly, aggressively gay, and nowinsens. joining me now are margaret and peter. margaret, full disclosure, you helped start a group which is now opposed to senator hagel's nomination. what are your problems with him? >> well, which i'm actually not involved with anymore, but i understand the perspective of them. there are a lot of folks who have concerns about some of the things hagel has said in the past and that's why we'll have a full -- >> specifically about israel? >> specifically about israel, specifically about iran. it's not just what he said. he's got a very long voting record of not taking voting positions or signing letters that suggest a stalwart supporter of israel. >> but h
with senators dick durbin and lindsey graham. then, learning the ropes with two freshmen, democratic senator democrat heidi heitkamp and republican senator richard hudson and plus can either party compromise and keep hard core supporters on board, neera tannen, stephen moore of the "wall street journal" and jackie calmes of the "new york times" and our own dana bash. you knows what happens when sis fuss rolls that boulder to the top of the hill, it rolls back down, a piece of greek mythology that brings to us the reality of the u.s. congress. it got a deal that raises taxes on the upper brackets and prevents for now huge spending cuts. it's moved on to the issue of avoiding a u.s. default. >> the president needs to show up early this time. >> republicans say they are done raising taxes. they want the president to agree to spending cuts in exchange for raising the amount of money the u.s. treasury is allowed to borrow. the president wants the debt ceiling raised without debate. but be serious, this is washington. >> any future budget agreements must balance the need for thoughtful spending re
comprehensive immigration reform. the fact that he's there embracing it, a person like lindsey graham also, this is a big shift in the country and in the republican party. >> but michael, it is not all hand holding walking to the i guess end of the rainbow on this issue. and i say that because this op-ed, for example, which senator rubio and will be a part of this bipartisan group says we have a defacto amnesty. my hope is president obama will use the voice and influence to further this approach. however, if what he offers is a process for the undocumented that is more lenient and faster and unfair it won't bode well for reform. so senator rubio taking a critical stance of the president without the president actually laying out a plan and we know and you talk to folks on the radio all day, when you mention the word amnesty that is one of those fire words that is going to get a certain portion of this country pretty angry. >> it's true. it's in a category with guns and global warming and -- >> it is a loaded word, it is loaded. >> you got it. listen. the stakes are high for senator rubio be
. the psychodrama extendstory members of the senate foreign relations committee. lindsey graham. this is lindsey graham yesterday on fox talking about -- let's just play the sound. >> the one thing i'm not going to do is vote on a new secretary of defense until the old secretary of defense, leann panetta, who i like very much, testifies about what happened in benghazi. i haven't forgotten about benghazi. hillary clinton got away with murder. >> there you go. hillary clinton got away with murder, and we are going to hold chuck hagel effect tily his nomination hostage until we get our clearance. >> the thing is, as i think you'll see -- as the hagel hearings go on, as you saw in the lindsey graham line, there is an attempt to manufacture more divisiveness within the congress as regards though national security policy. with regard to other realms where there are disagreements in washington, i think we haven't seen a consensus really like this in many years, so we'll have to bring benghazi up again. we have to talk about whether the surge worked or not six years ago. those issues for people, the pub
of people involved from john mccain to lindsey graham and of course chuck schumer just to name two of the people there that the president will let these men work out the deal? >> i think that's right and this has been typical of this president. he has often let congress take the lead on things and in some ways folks on the hill frustrated with the sort of ceding that to the hill but it makes sense because what we have seen i think a lot of times for the president puts his stamp on something, they are often very reluctant to go along. having this bipartisan group shape the legislation is i think a smart move. >> it's different than the executive move coming to young people in the country through no fault of their own who wanted a path to sap. he did not wait on lawmakers. that was before the election and before the big aha moment you need latino voters in the states to win especially california and texas which we'll talk about later in the show and democrats salivating at the thought to flip texas to one day in the near future a blue state. >> that's right. i mean, the reality is th
just heard senator lindsey graham saying this is kind of an in your face nomination, nothing bipartisan about it. so which is it? >> there are a lot of republicans who feel like senator lindsey graham, that former senator from nebraska chuck hagel stepped away from the republican party, namely in his firm opposition of the surge in iraq, when the party's nominee at the time, john mccain was running a presidential campaign counting the surge under george w. bush. the surge of course the troops going in to iraq, stepping up the troop presence there to try to get iraq under control. you'll remember then senator obama opposed the iraq surge as well. so, the republican party for the most part, many members believe that chuck hagel stepped away from the foreign policy element back then, and was very adamant. he was for the iraq war before he was against it and then was very vocal about being against the surge in iraq and that's really where some of that back and forth started. then you add on top of that some of the statements that he's being criticized for about israel, and iran, and hamas,
. senator lindsey graham described this as if it happens to be an in your face nomination. >> we will check back with you later. >>> let's get back to the issue of raising the nation's debt limit. lindsey graham pretty much stated the republican position today. >> if you raise the debt ceiling by a dollar you should cut spending by a dollar that is the way to go forward. >> president obama insists he will not compromise raising the debt ceiling and said any future efforts to reduce the deficit must include a combination of higher revenues and spending cuts. joining me to talk about it jake sherman. senior editor for the new republic. noam wrote a book called "the escape artist." the president has declared that he will not negotiate over whether to raise the debt limit. why don't you believe him? >> well, i don't believe him for sort of practical reasons and partly for the history of his negotiating style. the practical reason is we have a couple of things coming up that he is clearly going to negotiate over, one of which is the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that they delayed for tw
hagel's critics, including li lindsey graham will louder than his backers. >> i expect that the president to nominate people different than i would think, i'm going to vote for senator kerry, i think he's very much in the main stream of thought. chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonist secretary of defense. he has long severed ties with his party. this is an in your face nomination by the president. >> senator hagel has some criticism on the left. whether he questioned an openly gay nominee by president clinton was fit enough to represent the united states. >> who will. be the best job in helping to secure america? >> anything to disqualify him? >> not that what i see. i know chuck hagel. he's a patriot. he apologized for that comment. it's a testimony for what has
. >>> now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. republican senator lindsey graham had r harsh words for secretary of state hillary clinton. he says that clinton "got away with murder in the hearings about the attack in benghazi." as clinton leaves office, merle streep is the favorite in a poll of who should play clinton if a movie is made about her. more than 6 in 10 voters say it's time for rick perry to step aside and not run for reelection next year. >>> george ryan is getting out of prison. he's served five years for corruption and now 78 years old. >>> and michael bloomberg had had high praise for joe biden telling politico, you know, joe biden, you can joke about him but he has a set of, fill in the blanks, and he says what he believes and is forced to focus on gay marriage. that's your scrambled politics. >>> turning to australia where massive flooding caused by the remnants of a cyclone has forced 7,500 people from their it homes. there's no power in most of the joan and officials are warning to be careful about drinking water. >>> now for a look at
carolina senator lindsey graham had to say about his concerns about hagel on "state of the union" this morning. >> chuck hagel, if confirmed to be secretary of defense, would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense towards the state of israel in our nation's history. not only has he said you should directly negotiate with iran, sanctions won't work, that israel must negotiate with hamas, an organization, terrorist group that lobs thousands of rockets into israel, he also was one of 12 senators who refused to sign a letter to the european union trying to designate hezbollah as a terrorist organization. >> reporter: he has had some controversial views within his party. now, on the democratic side today, we have heard from illinois senator dick durbin who had some kinder words about hagel in "state of the union." let's listen to that. >> chuck hagel was a republican senator from nebraska, a decorated veteran of the vietnam war, a person who has a resume that includes service on the foreign relations committee as well as the intelligence committee. yes, he is a serious candidat
. south carolina republicans senator lindsey graham has been one of the most ardent critics of how the administration has handled the benghazi attack. he joins us live tonight from columbia, south carolina. good evening, senator. >> thank you for having me. >> senator let's first start with your reaction to the release of this tunisian. >> i don't know if it's justified or not but it's like pulling teeth to get the administration to engage. it wrote the tunisian government and saying it was unsemiable not to grant an interview without a lawyer. they did give the f.b.i. access to this man. i don't know the result of the interview butly try to get to the bottom of it. i didn't take much effort to get the tunisians to cooperat cooperate. i manual what would have happened if the president of the united states would have picked up the phone and called the prime minister to say this is a priority for the country. >> bret: do you think the administration that the national security effort of the administration is going after those responsible for the benghazi libya attack? >> it doesn't se
and pillaging in a manner reminiscent of genghis kahn. >> bret: lindsey graham said he would put a hold on john brennan nomination until he gets answers on benghazi and the attack in libya. what about john brennan's nomination? >> he has criticism from the left and the right. >> he has been depicted as picking and choosing the target. he has criticism from the right. whether he participated in the leak. the underwear bomber sent out to castigate those who question whether or not the underwear bomber should have been read the miranda rights. he serve served in the bush administration. they will about support for enhanced interrogation, lindsey graham from the right and variety of characters from the left. at the end of the day he will be confirmed. a lot of serious questions asked. is he a steady solid operator or the publicity hot dog he has been for the last couple of years in the position as counterterrorism director. he has been the principal source for a good movie. >> bret: the questions about leaks may come up in the nomination hearing as well. >> this is the second toughest one but it wi
, ironically, if john mccain and lindsey graham and others had joined with george w. bush, this could have been done in 2007. >> right. what john mccain sort of didn't say but implied was what has changed about this issue? it's simple. november 6th, the 2012 general election. the overall share of republican votes was -- people that voted for republicans is white. 11% nonwhite. it is -- that is an untenable -- we saw in 2012, and it will only get worse if they continue to lose 70% plus of the hispanic vote. that's what's changed here. republicans broadly recognize it. the question is jose touched on it, the path to citizenship. that is the piece that is always the one that conservative republicans said we will not do this. we are validating illegal behavior, no matter what we do. now there are some republicans on board. marco rubio, john mccain, lindsey graham saying, look, this has to be in the proposal. can they rally republicans in the house and senate behind the political necessity of putting immigration reform behind them with a path to sit sfwlenship or not? that seems to me to be the rub.
is lining up against hagel though. senator lindsey graham, mccain mccain's new bff also took a shot. he brought up hagel's newest comment that, quote the jewish lobby intimidateed law makers. >> name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the united states senate. >> well, first. >> name one. >> i don't know. >> why would you say it? >> i didn't have in mind a specific person. >> jennifer: that, too went on and on. after the hearing graham, who up until that point had been none noncommittal told foreign policy magazine that he was unlikely to vote for hagel. others went further. senator dan coates gave a 15 minute speech said he would vote no. hagel's performance did not earn him much praise from the other side of the aisle. here is senator claire mccaskill. >> well, i'm going to be candid. i think chuck hagel is much more comfortable asking questions than answering them. that's one bad habit you get into when you've been in the senate. you can dish it out but sometimes it's a little more difficult to take it. >> jennifer: interesting. she declared claire
menendez and john mccain, lindsey graham and likely presidential hopeful marco rubio. today they introduced their principles for that immigration plan. yes, this is a work plan devised by senators that rest on four legislative pillars. they include creating a tough but fair path to citizenship for 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the u.s. reforming the legal immigration system. create an effective system to end the hiring of future unauthority id'd workers anauthorizing an improved process of getting workers here. you can do that by lunch. senators schumer and mccain discuss why their principles could be an idea then a proposal and then a bill could be offered so soon a the last election. >> the politics on this issue have been turned upside down. for the first time ever there is more political risk in opposing immigration reform than opposing it. >> the republican party is losing the support of our hispanic citizens. weeswe realize that are there many issues that we are in agreement with our hispanic citizens but this is a pre-imminent issue with those citizens. >> but with conservati
better deal than what it looks like they're going to get right now. >> republican senator lindsey graham voted to approve the fiscal cliff deal was just one day before the vote he told fox news sunday he may vote no unless it included more cuts to social security benefits. >> i'm not one to raise the debt ceiling unless to get serious about keeping the country from becoming -- cutting social to treat medicare. i want meaningful and atomic reform. not to take a voucher approach to medicaid. adjust the age for social security, cpi changes, and look behind the 10-year window. i cannot raise the debt ceiling in good conscience without addressing the long-term debt problems of this country, and i will not. >> that was senator lindsey graham greene another republican senator voted yes, john mccain of arizona. senator mccain said republicans would block another deal unless it included major cuts to so- called entitlement programs. he was interviewed by cnn possible blitzer. >> are you gandhi is the raising of the debt ceiling as leverage to get from the president? >> i think there's going to be
lindsey graham described the decision to nominate hagel. >> this is an in-your-face nomination by the president to all of us who are supportive of israel. i don't know what his management experience is regarding the pentagon. little, if any. i think it's an incredibly controversial choice. and it looks like the second term of barack obama is going to be an in-your-face term. >> want to bring in our white house correspondent brianna keilar. we no that the white house has been calling out, trying to reach senators and get some support for hagel here. we're also hearing from jim acosta, trying to push back on this idea that he's anti-israel, that comments on the jewish lobby were poorly worded and he has apologized. are they confident they'll be able to push that nomination through and get a confirmation? >> reporter: talking to sources here, they feel pretty good about it. as you know, there are even democratic senators that have concerns. talking with sources at the white house, there is a sense that a number of things that chuck hagel will have to answer for in a confirmation p
to show that. >> you're talking about senator lindsey graham. he showed the chart. >> this lady. >> the woman had a gun. she had a .38, six shots in it. he said an intruder comes in, she's in the closet protecting her children, she gets off six shots, five strike the guy, but it wasn't enough to kill him. so that if she had the ar-15 or a semiautomatic weapon, she would have been able to kill him. he fled, she killed, but he's saying she would have been able to kill him, not just strike him down. >> this is just a sick conversation. >> but it's part of -- there's a similar thread to all of this, and it's fear. you listen to wayne lapierre yesterday, it's fear. gun sales are driven by fear. his opposition to background checks is driven by trying to inject fear into the culture. it's all fear based. >> and -- >> i thought mark kelly was the best of all. >> we're going to show all this because there was such powerful testimony on capitol hill. >> did you see it? >> it was great. i got a big laugh out of wayne lapierre. he actually trotted out the survivalist argument. >> i know. i
. >> senator lindsey graham and others at the hearing made the case for higher capacity magazines. >> would i be a reasonable american to want my family to have the 15-round magazine and a semiautomatic weapon to make sure if there's two intruders shouldn't run out of bullets. am i an unreasonable person for saying that in that situation, the 15-round magazine makes sense? there can be a situation where a mother runs out of bullets because of something we do here. six bullets in the hands of a woman trying to defend her children may not be enough. >> an assault weapon in the hands of a young woman defending her babies in her home becomes a defense weapon. and the peace of mind that a woman has as she's facing three, four, five violent attackers, intruders in her home with her children screaming in the background, the peace of mind that she has knowing that she has a scary looking gun gives her more courage when she's fighting hardened violent criminals. >> and therein -- >> wow! >> -- lies the problem with having to defend assault weapons. because if you go out and try to defend assault weapo
, for a variety of reasons. for one, we heard from senator lindsey graham of south carolina today, who said, among other things, that chuck hagel was, quote, out of the mainstream on foreign policy issues and said, in reference to the potential that he would be picked, for the president it would be what he called an in your face selection, saying that it was just more -- a greater effort to get sort of up against the republicans and to continue the battle lines as they have already been drawn. that goes specifically, lindsey graham's concerns, to some past comments that chuck hagel had made about israel. he referred to the jewish lobby that offended some in that community in 19 -- i guess it was in 2006. i should note, here was mitch mcconnell, the senate minority leader, speaking about the very topic today on "meet the press." >> i think he will be subjected to the same kinds of oversight hearings that any nominee for such an important position would expect. and his views with regard to israel, for example, and iran, and all the other positions that he's taken over the years will be, i think, ver
cain, including they include lindsey graham because john mccain can't do anything without lindsey graham alongside of him. they also include marco rubio from florida and geoff flake, the other senate from arizonaother senate from arizona. democrats insisted any immigration reform bill had to include a path to citizenship. had to do something about these 11 million people estimated, i think it's higher than that, who had been here, came here illegally, have lived here a long time had their families have jobs, have houses have kids in school. some have kids in the military belong to local churches members of the community, had to do something being them and allow -- give them a path to staying here permanently as american citizenship. democrats always insisted on that. and the president has insisted as have democrats, that this all has to be contained in one bill. it can't be little piece meal things. republicans, for their side, still have this broken record kind of demand that we have to have tougher controls at the border when, in fact we already have toughe
, lindsey graham and ted cruz. i'm told by a spokesman for graham they're not going to do this because of lots of red tape and bureaucracy in order to allow them to do this. first and foremost assault weapons are not legal in the district of columbia so they gave up and lindsey graham is going to have pictures and posters of these weapons as his show and tell, not the actual weapons themselves. >> gotcha. you also talked to mark kelly about his testimony. what did he tell you especially about the nra? >> reporter: very interesting. mark kelly and gabby giffords, his wife, they are both gun owners. kelly told me he considered joining the nra but he never got around to it. he also told me that when it comes to his testimony here, he's going to be sitting at one side of the witness table, wayne lapierre of the nra at the other. he hopes that they can have a conversation that can really start to do something. two staunch supporters of the second amendment, two very different views on guns. >> they're god-given freedoms. they belong to us. in the united states of america, as our birthright.
organization and only after senator lindsey graham intervened tunisia finally permitted our fbi to question the man, but now, a judge has freed the suspect due to lack of evidence. the national correspondent joins us live from tunisia. why did they release him and do they suspect he's part of 9/11 or not. >> hi, well, i think that they released him because the evidence against him was largely circumstantial. there are a lot of reasons to be suspicious this have man. he spent time in prison and a few years back on charges of wanting iraq, jihad there. and he was in nabir at the time and questioned whether he was planning to go to syria and fight there. but i think ultimately, they didn't have anything solid on him. >> greta: the fbi finally, our fbi are finally able to question him. do you have any information now on your end in tunisia, what information he gave them? we're getting nothing on this end. >> well, no, i mean, the americans have certainly been in touch and cagey about what actually took place and the tunisia not discussing it in any detail. and what's interesting, an extremist g
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